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TKK Company's research frequently produces innovative discoveries of Commercial value for petrochemical, oil, gas and other industries.

Patents issued for TKK Company inventions are available for licensing to the private and government sectors. Licenses may be exclusive or nonexclusive.

Our goal in licensing inventions is to seek the broadest market exposure in the shortest time from the demonstration of technical feasibility to commercialization. Our objective in licensing negotiations is to maintain flexibility and to recognize the unique circumstances of each technology, client, and marketplace.

How you can license TKK Company- developed inventions.
TKK Company is authorized to retain rights and license those rights to qualified industrial partners.
We offer technology and know-how through consulting services, technology licensing, and technical service agreements.

Company continues to develop new technologies for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and our portfolio of patents and know-how available for licensing continues to grow.

Although some of our technologies are fairly mature, others require further development. We are interested in licensees who want to develop our innovations for commercial markets.

There has been strong interest in these technologies from major refineries and gas processing companies worldwide.

The Company's strategy is to focus its internal resources on research, development and marketing while taking advantage of strategic alliances to assist in continued growth.

Licenses may be for a specified field of use, or for a specified geographical area.
As our licensing partner, you will need to have a plan for commercializing the invention. The plan usually includes technical goals for developing the product, the level of investment planned, and a timeframe for introducing the product to the marketplace.

Because we are dedicated to improving the position of the United States of America in world markets, we require that the products of our licenses be manufactured substantially in the United States.

If you own a disadvantaged business, you may be eligible for certain preferences and benefits in working with TKK Company.

For details about specific patents available for licensing, contact TKK COMPANY's Business Venture Center at Houston, Texas:

TKK Company is dedicated to excellence, innovation and leadership through partnerships with the private and government sectors.

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