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Tofik K. Khanmamedov, President & CEO
D.Sc. (Chem. Eng.), Ph.D. (Chem.), B.Sc. (Chem. Eng.)

Dr. Tofik K. Khanmamedov is an innovative, diversified and productive person. He holds numerous patents, including patents of US, Canada and inventor's certificates of USSR (patents), International (PCT) patents, published more than 100 scientific papers, presentations. He develops market driven technologies, processes, catalysts and materials for petrochemical, oil, gas and other industries. His work and experience have been both challenging and diversified.

He has been engaged in sulfur related process technologies development and process engineering and designs for amine, sour water treatment units, sulfur recovery and tail gas treatment units since 1983 in the former Soviet Union and 1991 in the USA. He has extensive experience in computational engineering, technology engineering, computer simulation of processes and reactors for petrochemical industry, refinery and gas plants, basic process design (PFD), material and heat balance calculation.

Dr. Khanmamedov is a first chemical engineer-scientist in the former Soviet Union, who was granted highest D.Sc. (Chem. Eng.) scientific degree in the field of sulfur recovery technology (Claus) and has gained an international reputation in the field of acid gas removal, sulfur recovery and tail gas treatment processes technology. He was a distinguished member of Scientific Counsel "Sulfur Problems" at the State Committee of Science and Technique in Moscow, USSR.

For very short time Dr. Tofik K. Khanmamedov, in collaboration with Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, Novosibirsk, Russia, has developed, tested and commercialized new catalyst and process technology for incineration of tail gases of sulfur plants in Russia and Uzbekistan. Also, in collaboration with the same institution, he had developed and tested in commercial scale new TiO2 based catalyst for Claus process.

Tofik K. Khanmamedov has also worked in R&D involving promoted and flameless catalytic combustion of acid gas and incineration technology and environmental emission abatement processes for oil-, gas and petrochemical industries, heterogeneous catalysis, new polymers development, photoactive polymer coatings. His Ph.D. thesis was devoted to asymmetric catalysis - aspects of the formation of optical active polymers with chiral carbon atoms in the main chain in the presence of chiral homogeneous catalysts. He conducted research in the field of polymer chemistry and obtained polymers with chiral carbon atoms in the main chain by implementation of the principles of asymmetric induction. He performed unique experiments of racemization in optical active polymers with chiral carbon atoms in the main chain of polymer. His achievement in asymmetric catalysis is included in v. 3 of Encyclopedia of Polymer of USSR (1974-1975).

Also he worked in the field of synthetic organic chemistry and chemistry of such important heterocyclic compounds as γ-pyrones. He developed and patented new and effective catalysts for production of γ-pyrones.

Dr. Khanmamedov also developed and patented new methods of production of special acrylic monomers and polymers with unique properties.

Dr. Khanmamedov worked as a process engineer and senior process consultant for prominent engineering companies in USA since 1991, and he founded TKK TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, a Texas corporation, d.b.a. TKK COMPANY. In 2012 TKK TECHNOLOGY COMPANY was converted to TKK TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LLC, d.b.a. TKK COMPANY for consulting, engineering and licensing of his patented and proprietary technologies.

As a president and CEO of TKK COMPANY in alliance with other companies he prepares and implements multimillion dollars Technical and Commercial Proposals and Projects for modernization of refineries and gas plants worldwide..

TKK COMPANY became a process technology leader. For very short time Dr. Tofik K. Khanmamedov developed and patented several new technologies and processes applicable for petrochemical, oil, gas and other industries.

TKK COMPANY is in global technology marketing business and Dr. Khanmamedov continues to develop new processes and technologies for petrochemical, oil, gas and other industries.

Dr. Khanmamedov's last developments include SHIFT-CLAUS® process, the family of HIGHSULF™ processes, TC™ - process, new commercial catalysts for Claus process and incineration of Claus unit tail gases and VOC of different sources. He has developed, tested in the field and commercialized the following new processes and catalysts:

  • SHIFT-CLAUS® process for 99 % sulfur recovery in 3 catalytic bed Claus unit. U.S. Patent.
  • HIGHSULF™ and HIGHSULF PLUS™ amine gas sweetening processes to increase H2S concentration and reduce hydrocarbon concentration in acid gases, ideal for enrichment of acid gas with H2S. Obtained U.S. and Canada patents, U.S. patent pending.
  • HIGHSULFHIGHSULF PLUS™Tail Gas Treatment Process (improved SCOT type processes) to increase CO2 rejection in any amine based Tail Gas Treating Unit and reduces capital and operating costs. Obtained U.S. and Canada Patents, U.S. patent pending.
  • TC™ - flameless process for processing "weak" and "lean" acid gases. U.S. Patent.
  • He proposed and developed new concept for gas sweetening and removal of different contaminates from the gas streams of natural gas processing industry, coal gasification, petrochemical industry, oil refineries, etc. Obtained U.S. and Canada Patents, U.S. patent pending.
  • He proposed and developed new concept for tail gas treatment of natural gas processing plants, coal gasification industry, oil refineries, petrochemical industry, etc. Obtained U.S. and Canada Patents, U.S. patent pending.
  • For the first time Dr. Tofik K. Khanmamedov proposed new kinetic paths and equations for catalytic Claus reaction and so-called "direct" oxidation of H2S to sulfur. These paths include new stages of S6 and S8 formation on the surface of the catalysts in sulfur recovery processes through the formation of so-called "sulfen" species. (Baku 1986, Moscow 1988, Cancun 1990)
  • New catalysts and catalytic incineration of H2S, COS, CS2 , Sulfur vapor, CO, NOx and VOC of different sources. Obtained several Certificates of Inventor of USSR (1985, 1988, 1990 patents).
  • New catalysts for Claus process. Obtained Certificates of Inventor of USSR (1988, 1990 patents).
  • He has developed new concept and special knowledge for combustion of acid gases and continues work on the development of new combustion technology and his new burner for Claus units.
  • He managed pilot tests of the catalytic processes of "weak" acid gas treatment and tests of the catalytic incineration of tail gases for Orenburg and Mubarek Gas Plants.
  • Dr. Tofik K. Khanmamedov also managed three projects for the reconstruction of incineration system of Claus sulfur plants in Russia and Uzbekistan. These projects included development, engineering, process design and reconstruction of existing thermal incinerators of Claus sulfur plants and commercialization of new incineration catalysts and technology in:
  • Mubarek Gas Plant (Uzbekistan), SRU, 160 LTD.
    Orenburg Gas Plant (Russia), SRU, 180 LTD.
    Ryazan Experimental Metallurgical Plant (Russia), SRU, 5 LTD

    He was a manager of sulfur recovery technology development research laboratory in All-Union Natural Gas Treatment and Design Institute of Gazprom, USSR (Baku, Azerbaijan) 1983 - 1991.


    D.Sc., Doctor of Technical Sciences (Fuel and Gas Technology. Chemical Engineering) from the Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas, USSR (Moscow, Russia). Dissertation: " An Improvement of Technology and Ecology of Sulfur Production".

    Ph.D. (Chemistry) from the A.V. Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis of Academy of Sciences of USSR (Moscow, Russia). Dissertation: "Asymmetric Migration Polymerization of Vynilketones by Michael Reaction".

    B. Sc. (Chemical Engineer). Technology Engineer Diploma from Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute (Baku).

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